Working with agencies

If your clients need help revising existing copy or creating original content, let us know.

Clear Comms works with agencies that specialise in graphic design, web design, SEO, and online marketing. (Even some copywriting agencies.) So if you haven’t got a copywriting resource in-house, or your copy team is over-stretched, we’ll help.

White label copywriting

A white label copywriting service gives you the extra resource to meet your clients’ copywriting needs. But we provide our services anonymously.

Usually there are two options:

  1. You want your client to assume that the copywriter is a part of your agency.
  2. Your client is happy for you to outsource the work, provided we don’t advertise the fact that we’ve written it.

As far as your client’s customers and competitors are concerned, it’s all written in-house.

Making your job easier

For a working relationship like this to work, you need to know that we’ll maintain your standards and meet your clients’ requirements.

To help you help them, we’re happy to:

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Contact your clients as a representative of your business if required
  • Deal through you (without speaking to the client) if that is preferred
  • Use your branded email address if it helps
  • Stick to your timescales to ensure you meet your client’s deadlines
  • Give you testimonials from any of our existing agency contacts

Matching style

Being a white label copywriter usually means working in a way that matches your client’s house style. We’re comfortable providing a service to your client’s exact specifications, whether that means sticking to a style guide or matching existing content.

Equally we’ll talk to you about your expectations so that we can represent your agency appropriately.

Find out more about our white label copywriting service

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