Why is plain English copywriting so important?

Plain English copywriting doesn’t just get a response; it gets a reaction. A click, a call, an order.

Our gold medal badge awarded by the plain Language Commission. Your guarantee of clear, concise business copywriting.

Great website content doesn’t need to be gimmicky, it just needs to hold your readers’ interest. And plain English really helps. A few well-chosen words convey meanings simply. Short, easy-to-read sentences help benefits leap off the page.

Above all, plain English copywriting is easy to read. It talks to your customers in ways they’ll understand. And that’s what clear marketing communication is all about. That’s why you hire a plain English copywriter.

Plain English copywriting works

We know there’s a strong link between plain English copywriting and online / offline content that grabs customers’ interest.

So, to prove our commitment to plain English, we submitted this site for independent review. We wanted to show you that we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

The Plain Language Commission found that all of the pages on our site are clear, well written and free of obvious errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. And they said the site is a pleasure to read and use.

Clear Comms is the only copywriting website in the world to win a gold ‘winning website’ award from the Plain Language Commission.

If you like, we can bring the same clear, easy reading approach to your marketing messages.

Want to talk to customers in ways they’ll respond to?

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Whether you’ve already got some content that needs a fresh, new approach, or you’re starting ‘from scratch’, we’ll help you say what you need to say. And we’ll say it clearly. It’ll sound better that way.