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Why it pays to choose a distinctive tone of voice

Your distinctive tone of voice

Do you speak the right kind of distinctive English?

Why does your business need a distinctive tone of voice?

For years, we’ve accepted that British English is being replaced by American English. But these days, the reverse might just be true. If so, it’s testament to the power of sticking to your own distinctive tone of voice…


An Englishman in New York

It’s not just his accent that gives away An Englishman in New York; it’s everything he says. That idiomatic language, those strange turns of phrase… British English sticks out like a sore thumb.

But don’t fret.Turns out that British English is infiltrating the USA faster than a rat up a drainpipe. And that’s good news for us all…

The huge success of Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and Top Gear have all helped fill an increasing appetite for Brit-speak, stateside. Oh, and we can thank JK Rowling for giving the Americans a ’snog’ and for reacquainting them with ’ginger’. 

Topping eh?

It’s alarming to think that anyone, anywhere might look up to Jeremy Clarkson as a purveyor of Britishness. But it’s heartening that, far from being eroded by endless Americanisms as we’d feared, British language is actually holding its own.


Take pride in our distinctive tone of voice

The way we talk is such a big part of our national identity, and the words we use are our closely guarded pillars of Britishness. So every time an American criticises something for being “twee” or decides to “chat someone up” we should be chuffed to bits!


Marketing content that speaks to its audience needs a distinctive tone of voice

As marketing copywriters, we can see this is another example of how language keeps on shifting. And it’s a great lesson in making sure our marketing content is country / company / customer specific. That means using the words your audience will recognise and respond to. It means using a truly distinctive tone of voice.


Foster your distinctive tone of voice

If you can transplant the way you or your company speaks onto the page successfully, you’ll develop one heck of a distinctive tone of voice.

So be true to yourself. Be true to your distinctive tone of voice.

And remember, an authentic tone of voice isn’t just more effective, it’s easier to master. Because after all, no one speaks quite like you.

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