Why are product descriptions so important?

Writer, Alain Robbe-Grillet would have made a great product description copywriter. He says it’s the menu, not the food that people really enjoy consuming in a restaurant. And if you’re in the business of selling anything, that’s great news.

A good menu stirs up a sense of anticipation. (Just like product descriptions.) The right combination of words bombards the senses, and tells the taste buds they’re in for a treat.

The menu doesn’t just get the gastric juices flowing, it influences how we experience the meal. Colourful, enticing and emotive descriptions create flavour associations before we’ve even tried a bite. In our mind, we’re already tasting the food. We’re already turning over the sauce on our tongue, experiencing every tender bite and succulent mouthful.

With the right combination of words – and the right product descriptions – you can sell anything.

The power of product descriptions

Just imagine the possibilities… Because if you can distil a sensual experience like food into words and phrases, you can do it to anything. Any widget, any ointment, any sock…

No wonder product descriptions have the potential to be so powerful.

And what about the pictures? Just garnish. Pictures can’t engage the full range of senses. Product descriptions can.

Product descriptions from Clear Comms

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