Do you need better news or just a better newsletter copywriter?

Did I miss a memo? Was there an edict saying business newsletters have to be boring?

I don’t pay any attention to boring news. And neither should your customers or colleagues.

Newsletter copywriting can be fun…

… Your newsletters should be full of interesting stuff: expert industry insight, interviews, offers, competitions… and all manner of engaging, accessible, dip-into-able content. Just ask a newsletter copywriter if you need some ideas.

Time or effort required? For you – very little. Just get a good newsletter copywriter on board and brief them well. That’s the good news…

The even better news? Your business newsletter is a huge resource. Whether you’re catching up with customers or keeping employees in-the-loop and on-brand, your newsletter will keep the lines of communication open.

Make it indispensable to your clients – and make it regular – and you’ll always be front-of-mind when it matters.

Some newsletter copywriting tips

  • Don’t worry about the unsubscribes

You need to build up a receptive audience for your newsletter. And you’ll win some and lose some subscribers along the way. But no matter how much it may hurt to see people unsubscribe, learn to let go. Learn to focus on the people who want to read…

  • What your newsletter needs is passion.

Don’t be afraid to weigh in with your take on the big issues. Be forthright in your opinions. Give your newsletter a strong tone of voice. That’ll help maintain an ardent fan-base.

  • Give your readers what they want, not what you think they need.

Your readers want interesting, inspiring and surprising content. They want features that answer their questions and address their issues. So you need to do everything you can to make your newsletter about them and for them.

  • Involve your readers

Great content will help engage your readers of course. But try and encourage them to interact with you too.

  • Run competitions.
  • Set up related discussions on social media.
  • Publish their letters.
  • Answer their questions

Extra! Extra!

Check out this guide to writing newsletters like an experienced newsletter copywriter. There’s a big back catalogue too, so get in touch if you’d like some newsletter samples.

Then give our teama call on 0800 612 0601 or email us at to discuss your own internal or external company newsletter…