Why your case study can be anything you want it to be…

Marketing case studies that break the mouldIn all of the best business case studies, there’s a story being told. Sometimes, there’s a problem to overcome, and a cast of characters who’ll work together to make things happen. There might be twists along the way, unexpected revelations, and there’ll always be something to keep the reader interested.

Business case studies are a great resource. They can transform your marketing. They can convey all the same sales messages and promote all the same services as your other marketing, but in an objective way.

Case studies copywriting = objective praise

Objective praise always carries more weight. You don’t have to tell your customers why they should work with you. Your case studies – loaded with objective client testimonials – will do all that for you.

So why are business case studies underused?

Because most case studies simply aren’t very interesting.

Can we all agree to make our case studies more interesting?

Case studies aren’t boring because the stories they tell are dull. It’s our over-familiarity with the format that consigns most case studies to the never-get-read pile…

So what can you or your case study copywriter do about it?

Every one of your case studies is unique

It’s not enough for your case study copywriter to tell the same success story for different client relationships. Every story needs to be different. Because if it isn’t, it’s not worth telling.

Work with your case study writer to highlight every one of your unique service offerings, and your unique approaches to industry issues. That’s how you build up a suite of case studies to help you sell your whole service.

Time for your case study copywriter break the mould?

Case study copywriting is all about variety. And your case studies can be as bold and inventive as any other piece of marketing. Here are a few ways you can kick-start a fresh new approach:

1) Accentuate the negative!

It seems counter-intuitive, but focus on the problems; emphasize everything that went wrong and then hit the reader with all the remarkable ways you turned it round. That’s the essence of compelling storytelling.

2) And now for something completely different!

How about a comic strip style case study? Or a case study told in tweets? Or a Q&A with your client? You know your customers best. You know what they’ll respond to.

3) Scrap the format

Talk to your studies copywriter about scrapping your usual format. Instead, treat each case study as unique and distinctive piece of marketing in its own right.

4) A change of voice!

Who’s your case study about? For a change, write this case study with your customer’s tone of voice. The more different it is from your usual tone of voice, the better.

Getting the most out of your case studies copywriter

Your case studies copywriter should be able to come up with enough variations in tone, format and approach to make every one of a score of case studies sound fresh and distinctive.

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