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Some people will tell you that there’s a trick to writing a winning sales letter or a compelling case study. But we don’t think that’s true. No tricks. No sure-fire formulas.

So you won’t find any killer headline algorithms here!

What you will find is plenty of practical advice… Copywriting fact sheets and how-to guides. Handy hints that you can refer to whenever you have to write new copy. Easy-to-use techniques (not tricks) that you can adopt and adapt to suit you.

More copywriting resources than you can shake a stick at

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Feel free to cross through our ideas and replace them with your own! These copywriting resources are really just here to get your ideas flowing.

The copywriting resources section will keep growing – so if you have any requests for subjects you’d like to see covered, give us a call on 0800 612 0601.

And you’ll find even more advice and ideas at our Blog.

Giving it away…

… That’s what this copywriting resources page is all about.

Fashions may come and go, but we believe altruistic content marketing or content curation is here to stay. And that is officially a Very Good Thing! Here’s why:

  • Lasting working relationships are built on trust; free content builds trust.
  • Sample articles and blogs give customers a great sense of how you work.
  • You don’t need to tell customers you know what you’re talking about, your content will spell it out for you.

What sort of copywriting resources do you need?

If you’d like any more advice on any of the copywriting subjects we’ve tackled here, do please let us know. You can call on 0800 612 0601 or email us at: