Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair - one of the several hundred Vertigo pieces we've written about.

Arne Jacobsen’s Swan Chair – one of the several hundred Vertigo pieces we’ve written about.

A case study about finding the right price for product descriptions

When Robert Deeming got in touch to enquire about product descriptions for his site, he had some big numbers for me to chew over. He was looking to populate his site with around 700 new product descriptions to help the site maintain its market-leading position – and keep Google happy.

Now, we write a lot of product descriptions. (Sometimes it feels like we’ve written that many product descriptions just about socks.) So the prospect of writing 700 unique pieces of content about furniture – from trailblazing designs by the likes of Eames and Saarinen – wasn’t too scary.

Robert wanted some proper original content for his furniture too. Not a bunch of three-line variations on the same description every time. And that actually made my job easier. The more space you’ve got to write a product description, the easier it is to make that description absolutely unique. Even if you’re writing about five or six very similar pieces of furniture, you can pick and choose different elements to expand upon in each description. And the extra space gives you the chance to really sell the look, the cultural impact and the experience to the customer.

How do you charge for that many product descriptions?

We decided a sliding scale would work best.

For Clear Comms, product descriptions normally fall into one of two pricing brackets – under and over 65 words. Robert’s request put him in the higher price bracket. But given the volume of work on offer, we discounted our normal rate straightaway. To further sweeten the deal, we suggested that we carry on lowering the price he paid for every hundred product descriptions.

So by the time we got to product description #700, Robert would actually be paying the lower bracket price for every description.

We’ve not got to PD700 yet. This is an ongoing piece of work. More pieces of furniture – and more descriptions – are being added over time. But the security of a fixed pricing structure means that Robert knows he can call on Clear Comms to provide the goods as and when he wants. And he knows the price will go on getting lower.

About Vertigo Interiors

Breathing new life into the classics…
The designs of Eames, Jacobsen, Panton and Saarinen have achieved a timeless cachet. Their chairs, couches and accessories redefined chic in the fifties and sixties. And they’re still setting the standards today.

The Vertigo Interiors rage is as cool as cool gets. Robert and his team have snapped up some of the finest and most influential designs from Eames et al and given them a new lease of life. The Vertigo range features scrupulously authentic recreations of the original pieces, made with high quality materials – but at affordable prices.

It’s a winning formula. The range keeps growing. The customer base too. And Robert and the team are helping to ensure that our homes and offices are so much cooler.