What is Clear Comms?

Clear Comms is a copywriting company which provides B2B and B2C copywriting services for any industry or customer requirement. Some of the services we offer include: proof reading, English to English translation, newsletters, press releases and content writing.

Clear Comms works with businesses, design agencies and charities. We can research and write your articles / blogs / product / copy press releases / websites from scratch. Or we can proofread, edit and revise your existing copy if you prefer. Research is a huge part of what we do. So don’t worry if you’re in a niche sector. We’ll get to grips with it quickly.

What makes us unique?

Clear Comms is the only marketing copywriting website in the UK to be accredited by the Plain Language Commission.

It means you’ll get copy that’s concise and engaging. Copy that your customers will find easy to read and easy to act upon.

Our company ethos

Using words well doesn’t just mean using simpler or shorter words, it means using words that are appropriate for your audience. Sometimes it means using one well-chosen word instead of two or three.

It’s a simple philosophy, but it works: whenever you’ve got something to say, say it clearly. It’ll sound better that way.

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A bit of background

Clear Comms was founded in 2011 and became a division of Panoptic Media Marketing in 2016. The move broadened the services we could offer and effectively created a one stop shop for digital and print advertising in the UK, USA and Latin America.

What about your About Us page?

Feel free to talk to our team about your About Us page. Maybe we can give you some help – if you need it.
Give us a call on 0800 612 0601.