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Unconventional copywriting techniques to grab customers’ attention

Unconventional copywriting tips

Sometimes a pencil and paper are all it takes to unleash those unconventional copywriting ideas.

Some unconventional copywriting techniques for Christmas…

Because it’s Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about traditions and conventions. I love Christmas traditions. I love that link to the past; and that sense of doing things the same way this family or this company has always done them.

Traditions can help us see why certain ideas have endured while others have fallen by the wayside. But traditions can hold us back as well as push us forwards. It’s easy to get trapped into doing things just because that’s what we’ve always done, never mind whether it still makes sense or not.

That’s an issue that copywriters face on a daily basis. So much of what we do – or, at least, what we’re asked to do – is based on maintaining the status quo.

So, at this very traditional time of year, let’s look at some of the ways copywriters can use some unconventional copywriting techniques to change our clients’ marketing for the better…