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Get a change of perspective from your objective copywriter

Your objective copywriter

A real change of perspective

Have you ever written anything that wasn’t quite right? But you couldn’t quite put your finger on the problem?

A lot of my clients are good writers. So they don’t need all that much help from me. Sometimes, what they need most of all, is a fresh perspective.  A new angle on what they’ve already written.

It’s amazing what a difference that can make. A copywriter brings:

  • Objectivity
  • A customer’s perspective

Your objective copywriter

Writing anything for your own business is tough. It makes you aware of just how much each and every piece of copy needs to accomplish.

Problem is, when you’re that close to it you can’t always see the wood for the trees. When you’ve been slaving over your copy for a long time, it can dull your instincts to what really works.

That’s when you need someone without baggage… an objective and impartial copywriter.



Copywriting tips: channelling your inner copywriter

Channle your inner copywriter

Channel your inner copywriter

Sometimes people tell me they can’t write. And, as professional copywriters, we’re torn when we hear them say that.

On the one hand, we get a momentary surge of pride. We’re providing a unique service, yay. We’re on a par with astronauts and brain surgeons…

But then reality sets in. And that’s when we tell them the truth…

Anyone can write.


Unique skills

I think I can’t sing. But then my best friend will tell me that’s not true. She says I’ve got a unique style. ‘Unique’ sounds like it should be code for something else, but we know what she means because it’s just like writing. Everyone can do it. It’s just a matter of confidence.

So why aren’t we all a lot more confident about writing? Blame school. Those of us of a certain generation have had it drummed into us… You must never start a sentence with ‘and’ they’d say. Or ‘but’. (People test me on this at least twice a week.) But of course, it’s absolutely, definitely okay. And you can quote me on that.


The arcane arts

The rules don’t just take the fun out of writing, they make it seem like an arcane art that only highly practised masters of the language can ever hope to master.

But it’s really not.

Good writing channels ideas simply and clearly. And copywriters know the test of good business writing is the all-important bottom line. So if your newsletters inspire people to read that makes you a good writer. If your sales letters sell, you’re a good writer.



What’s the real value of working with a tender copywriter?

Tender copywriter hard at work

Your tender copywriter’s desk!

We’ve just finished helping a client with a tender response and it’s really got us thinking about the value of tender copywriting.

Sometimes the value of good copy is obvious. For instance:

  • If your copywriter writes you a product description that helps sell your goods.
  • If they write a sales letter that gets you noticed.
  • If they increase your newsletter open rate.
  • Or if they write you a winning tender! (Fingers crossed.)

But sometimes the value of copy is harder to see. For example, suppose your tender bid fails?


Behind all great copy there’s a great copywriting briefing

Copywriting briefing

The copywriting briefing process… “No, no, no! This tone of voice is much too glib!”

Every great piece of commercial writing starts with a top-notch copywriting briefing. So if you want to get the best out of your copywriter, you have to tell them exactly what you want.


Here’s our Top 6 guide to what your copywriter really needs to know: (more…)