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How to haggle with your copywriter

The right copywriting fee.

Negotiating the right copywriting fee.

I have a great customer who really knows how to negotiate his copywriting fee with me. And, surprisingly, I’m okay with that.

I didn’t used to be. Any suggestion that a client wanted to haggle over their price filled me with a cold sense of dread.  I took it as a personal affront.

So why the change?

I think there are three reasons:

  1. Times are tight. Everyone’s feeling the pinch. So if someone makes the decision to work with a copywriter, I appreciate it might be a big step for them.
  2. Copywriters want to write. Every new project is a new challenge; a new opportunity to develop a new skill; another opportunity to impress a client. If my copy helps my client to succeed, chances are they’ll go on to be a regular.
  3. When the same clients keep coming back to me it seems fair to me to discount my costs on that basis – it’s my equivalent of Clear Comms loyalty points!

What are you paying for?

Negotiating over a fee has taught me something else too. It helps both parties really home in on the most important parts of any job.

When I enter into a price negotiation, I’ll explain how I’ve arrived at my fee. Then we’ll take another look at the brief and proposal documents and see if there are any aspects of the job that might need a little less attention. The more fat we can trim, the more we can a) get the price down and b) refocus on the most important aspects of the job.

Ways to negotiate your copywriting fee

Here are some suggestions to help you negotiate with your copywriter:

  • Try a sliding price scale so that you can flex it up or down depending on results.
  • See if your copywriter will build a discount into your fee so that you’ll get something back if the copy doesn’t achieve your objectives.
  • If you’ve got plenty of copywriting jobs on offer over the next few months, see if you can negotiate a volume discount.